West Weald Landscape Project Publications


West Weald Landscape Project 2009 - 2014

Project report by Petra Billings PhD MIEEM
pdf 6.5 MB

Wild Walks in the West Weald Landscape

14 walks encouraging you to explore this beautiful natural area by enjoying
‘wild walks’ around the nature ‘hotspots’ of this internationally important

pdf 4 MB

Habitat And Species

Report on the Condition of Ponds in the West Weald Landscape Area 2012 - 2013

Petra Billings PhD MIEEM
January 2014

Report on Woodland Condition in the West Weald of Sussex and Surrey 2012

By Bob Foreman BSc, Laurie Jackson MSc MIEEM,
Petra Billings PhD, MIEEM
January 2013 4MB

Baseline Audit of Bat Activity in the West Weald Landscape, 2010 and 2011

Petra Billings PhD, MIEEM & Rachel Bicker MSc 1.4MB

A survey of the Saproxylic Invertebrates of CowdrayPark

Dr. Mark G. Telfer 180 KB

Condition Assessment of Hedgerows in the West Weald Landscape Area

Sandra Mills & Petra Billings PhD MIEEM 2.5MB

The Condition Of Traditional Orchards in The West Weald Landscape Area

Rachel Bicker MSc & Petra Billings PhD MIEEM 1MB

Survey of Selected Species-rich Grasslands in the West Weald Landscape Project Area

Dolphin Ecological Surveys 1.5MB

Wood White Leptidea sinapis Survey

By Ken J Willmott FRES. Edited Petra Billings, PhD, MIEEM 0.8MB

Baseline Audit of Bat Activity in the West Weald Landscape 2010

Rich Howorth & Barbara Woods 5MB

Baseline Audit of Bat Activity in the West Weald Landscape 2010(No Appendices)

Rich Howorth & Barbara Woods 3.5MB

Bat Activity Monitoring Project using Anabat remote loggers near Ebernoe in 2009

Rich Howorth, Elanor Whythe & Petra Billings 1MB

Woodpeckers and their Nest Holes as an Ecological Resource
in Chiddingfold Forest

Survey & Report by David Plummer 7.5MB

Revised Ancient Woodland Inventory for the West Weald, West Sussex Area

Petra Billings pdf 0.6MB

Barbastelle Bats in the Sussex West Weald 1997-2008

Frank Greenaway pdf 3MB

Field Survey of Barbastelle Bat Flightlines’ Condition from Ebernoe SAC 2008

Rich Howorth pdf


The State of the West Weald's Natural Environment (2006) - Summary - short summary of full report for publication.

pdf 325KB

The State of the West Weald's Natural Environment (2006) - full report highlighting the assets and issues of this area and settiing out baseline measures to assess future changes to the natural environment.

pdf 3.5MB
Click here to view appendices of this report (pdf 8MB)

A Living Landscape for the South East

The ecological network approach to rebuilding biodiversity for the 21st centuary - The Wildlife Trusts in the South East publication