Landowner Advice

Sussex Wildlife Trust offers advice on land management for wildlife across Sussex. We have a small team of advisors who offer the following services:

  • Professional advice on land management with nature in mind
  • Site visits to your land to discuss your needs
  • Whole farm wildlife surveys with recommendations in an individually tailored advice pack
  • Advice on integrating appropriate conservation management options into your own land management practices
  • Advice on (and where possible writing of) Forestry Commission approved woodland management plans
  • Advice on sources of funding and facilitation of grant applications i.e. to agri-environment schemes
  • Specialisms in woodland, wetland/river. meadow and coastal management
  • Advice on re-wilding, the creation of ecological networks, the restoration of natural processes, living landscapes, and permaculture
  • Surveys for a number of priority species including water vole, otter and common dormouse
  • Working in partnership with a wide range of organisations so we can help you to access advice and funding from a range of other sources

We have worked with many landowners, including smallholders, traditional farms, estates, community enterprises, woodland owners, equine businesses, and a number of local authorities and corporations. You may also wish to download our free leaflet on How to manage a Smallholding for Wildlife.

Initial visits are offered free, though contributions to our costs are welcomed. We have a competitive charging structure for further advice and surveys, written reports, plans and grant applications. We can sometimes subsidise work in target areas through our own grant funding.

For further information or to book a visit, contact –

Fran Southgate on 01273 497555 for general advice on land management for wildlife; advice on wetland and river management and restoration; (wet) meadow creation and restoration; chalk streams; natural flood management; permaculture land management; black poplar trees; re-wilding and landscape scale land management.

Contact Petra Billings, our Associate Consultant on 07505 280155 for advice on woodland management plans. Petra's advice is chargeable at a daily rate.