Key Stage 2 Programmes

Full Day 10.00am - 2.30pm. Years 3,4,5 & 6

Down to the Coast and Back

‘Why are the cliffs white? Where does the shingle come from? What erodes the rocky shoreline? With hands on activities and games, this programme is designed to get children asking questions about how the Seven Sisters and this spectacular piece of coastline were formed and to see at first-hand how natural forces continue to shape it. They are encouraged to think about the impact that Man has had on the area and consider the future in the face of climate change.

(The walk to the beach is 1½ miles. This programme is best undertaken at low tide)

Along the River Cuckmere

Rivers are an intrinsic part of our landscape and play an important role in our lives. Join us for a visit to the River Cuckmere with its iconic meanders and bring rivers alive for your group. Discover how the river fits within the landscape and learn about its importance for both wildlife and for us. Look at how the river plays its part in the water cycle. Find out how the river was formed, how it has been shaped by time, by natural forces and human events and look at the impact that changes in the future will have on this area. Field work includes estimating the speed of the river, the use of compasses, aerial photographs and maps and sketching.

Rock Pooling

In the rock pools beneath the Seven Sisters is an amazing habitat full of plants and animals that have adapted to living between the tides. Join us at low water to explore this incredible world. Identify sea anemones, crabs, limpets and sea squirts, seaweeds, fish and much more. Learn about how the plants and animals survive on the rocky shore by adapting to the environment in which they live. Find out how they feed, look at simple food chains on the rocky shore and consider how organisms living in this tough environment interact with each other.

(The walk to the beach is 1½ miles. This programme is subject to the suitability of the tides. Rock pooling is only possible at low tide.)

Wild Day in the Woods

(Maximum 60 pupils)

Join us for an adventure in the woods. The children will get the opportunity to experience fire-lighting, shelter building and are encouraged to use tools to make things to take home with them as a memory of their day in the woods.

Wild Day at the Coast

Join us for an adventure at the coast. The children will get the opportunity to explore the wonderful beach at Seven Sisters Country Park. They can identify and classify marine wildlife and find out about the threats facing our ocean through hands-on games and activities and self-led discovery.

This programme can incorporate specific topics and curriculum areas.

(The walk to the beach is 1½ miles. This programme is best undertaken at low tide)

Hunt for a Habitat

(Maximum 60 pupils)

Follow our habitat trail through Friston Forest to find out about the plants and animals that live in the meadow, the woodland and the pond. Games and activities, including mini-beast hunting, pond dipping, and sweep netting encourage the children to find out how different creatures adapt to different habitats; they learn about life cycles, food chains and how plants and animals interact with each other. There will be opportunities to use classification keys and to group organisms according to their specific characteristics.

The World of Plants

From the tallest tree to the tiniest flower, plants are essential for life on our planet. Join us in Friston Forest to explore the fascinating world of plants. Discover what plants need to grow, how they are structured, look at the different stages of growth, and compare woodland plants with those that grow along its edges and in the meadow.

The Friston Forest Challenge

(Maximum 60 pupils)

If you are looking for a team building experience that involves getting children out of doors and interacting with the natural environment then join us in Friston Forest for an adventure that includes shelter building, orienteering or a wildlife challenge trail.

Please note numbers have to be restricted to 60 for this programme.