Key Stage 1 Programme

Full Day 10.00am - 2.30pm. Year 1 and 2.

Animals of Friston Forest

(Maximum 60 pupils)

Spend a day in Friston Forest with your class and give them the opportunity to explore this lovely woodland area with its range of different habitats. As the group find out about the wildlife that lives here they will discover how different creatures and plants adapt to a particular habitat, and how they interact with each other. Games and activities, including pond dipping and bug hunting, provide a hands-on experience that the children will remember.

Green Shoots

Welcome to the amazing world of plants. What plant have I found? Which part of the plant is this? What does it need to grow? Why does it grow here and not over there? Join us to answer some of the questions we hope your children will ask as we explore the plant life in and around Friston Forest.

Wild Day in the Woods

(Maximum 60 pupils)

Join us for an adventure in the woods. The children will get the opportunity to experience fire-lighting, shelter building and are encouraged to use tools to make things to take home with them as a memory of their day in the woods.

This programme can incorporate specific topics and curriculum areas.