Management plan

The main objectives for management of the Nature Reserve can be summarised in three, roughly equal parts;

  • the recording of species.
  • the management of species and habitats
  • the encouragement of public enjoyment and appreciation of the Nature Reserve

This is achieved with the following;

The Management Committee

The Nature Reserve is managed and administered by the Management Committee, which is a committee of voting members nominated by, and representing, various bodies; Sussex Wildlife Trust, East Sussex County Council, Rother District Council, Environment Agency, Sussex Ornithological Society, British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, Icklesham Parish Council, Rye Town Council and a private landowner.

The committee meets three times a year and appoints an honorary Secretary. A management agreement is signed by the main partners highlighted above.

The Staff

The Nature Reserve had a summer Warden from 1970-1977, then a full-time Warden since 1977. From 1980-1983 and 1989-1992 there was an additional summer Warden. Since 1993 there were two full-time staff and since 2003 there have been four. This additional staffing has only been possible through the continuing support of the Friends and other partners of the Nature Reserve.

Presently these are;

  • Manager - Dr. Barry Yates 
  • Warden - Christopher Bentley
  • Warden - David King 
  • Wildlife Officer - Lucy Bowyer

The staff work for the Sussex Wildlife Trust. They are responsible for the day to day running of the Nature Reserve with patrolling, recording, report writing, practical management (including the supervision of volunteers and contractors), and liaising with all interested people.

The Management Plan

A detailed description of the Nature Reserve and its management is revised every ten years and agreed by the Management Committee. It provides the framework for the work that is necessary on a day to day and season by season basis to ensure that the three main objectives above are realised.

Please contact us if you would like view the 2012-2021 Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Management Plan.

The Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

The Friends have been, and remain, vital to the success of the Nature Reserve. For more than thirty years they have provided funding, support and volunteers to achieve the aims set out for the Nature Reserve - find out more by clicking here.

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