Dogs are welcome, but so that they do not affect other people and our wildlife, please keep them under close control and clean up after your dog.

Nigel Symington

News from Eridge Rocks

    • Hair ice

      Hair ice

      This unusual ice formation, known as hair ice or frost beard, was spotted by our Reserve Manager at Eridge Rocks nature reserve in the High Weald.

    • Volunteers rock on

      Volunteers rock on

      Sussex Wildlife Trust volunteers have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks at Eridge Rocks nature reserve near Crowborough, a majestic sandstone rock outcrop set in mixed woodland.

    • New Sussex Geodiversity website

      Sussex Geological SitesAuthor Henri BrocklebankHead of Biodiversity Record Centre and Living Landscapes The Sussex Geodiversity Partnership launched their new website today, The Partnership comprises a small group of geologists and geomorphologists

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