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  • Barn Owl breeding success

    Barn Owl breeding success

    It’s been six years in waiting, but Woods Mill once again rejoices in the successful breeding of a pair of barn owls.

  • All Aboard!

    All Aboard!

    Thanks to Southern Transit, special branded buses are in service encouraging people to ‘get closer to nature’.

  • App explorers

    App explorers

    A number of routes around Sussex Wildlife Trust nature reserves are now available on the ViewRanger app

  • The birds of Woods Mill

    The birds of Woods Mill

    Even allowing for rapidly soaring temperatures throughout the month, Woods Mill has been a hive of avian activity.

  • 50 Years of Woods Mill

    50 Years of Woods Mill

    Celebrating 50 Years of Woods Mill: Taking conservation into the next generation

  • Tawny owlets - branching out

    Tawny owlets - branching out

    Tawny owls can be tricky to spot. But at this time of year, the odds are slightly improved because tawny owl chicks – or owlets – are now emerging from their tree-hole nest.

  • Kestrel chicks have hatched

    Kestrel chicks have hatched

    Our Woods Mill kestrel chicks have hatched and things are going to get busy from now on! Follow the action on our live KestrelCam

  • Be tick aware

    Be tick aware

    Now summer is here it is a good time to brush up on your knowledge of ticks, where they live and what sensible precautions you can take.