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Is your business thinking of partnering with a local Sussex-based charity?

Sussex Wildlife Trust believe that corporate charity partnerships should be mutually beneficial and based on shared values. That's why we make sure our corporate partnerships are not a one-way street, where companies give and we take.

We believe that your company can benefit greatly from a partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust as we help your business and your staff to connect more with nature and benefit from the joy and well-being that happens from connecting with their outdoor environment.

Why should your business support Sussex Wildlife Trust?

  • You will be making a difference to the natural environment in Sussex that we all depend on, helping us to do more for wildlife locally
  • It will help to raise your profile locally
  • We'll work with you to find ways to engage your staff in activities to raise money, volunteer on our reserves or connect with their local natural environment
  • You'll be in good company, joining a growing number of local businesses who want to support nature in Sussex

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How can your business support Sussex Wildlife Trust?

You can support us in a number of ways:

1. By joining our Business Membership Programme

Becoming a business member of Sussex Wildlife Trust is a clear demonstration of your commitment to a healthy and sustainable natural environment. It's also a positive signal to your staff about the company they work for, and an indication to your customers, suppliers and the community around you that you care about nature in Sussex.

To see a list of our current business members, click here

We are interested in developing long term relationships with business members that share our values. We offer a membership to suit all type and size of business.

  • Small Leaf membership for freelancers or sole traders: £120 p.a. +VAT
  • Red Leaf membership 1-9 employees: £250 p.a. + VAT
  • Red Leaf membership 10-249 employees: £500 p.a. + VAT
  • Red Leaf membership 250+ employees: £1,500 p.a. + VAT
  • Green Leaf membership £3,000 p.a. + VAT
  • Gold Leaf membership £5,000 p.a. + VAT

To find out more about the different options for Business Membership please contact our Corporate and Community Fundraising team using the contact form below.

2. By attending an employee Work for Wildlife Day

Give your staff the chance to take part in important conservation work, supporting the local wildlife and wellbeing of the community. Whether it is an informal teambuilding day or simply the chance for your staff to get together and put something back into the community, we always welcome extra pairs of hands. These are great opportunities for team development. We charge from £15 per head for these experiences to help cover our costs and support our work.

3. By promoting Payroll Giving to your staff

Employers can give to the Sussex Wildlife Trust by setting up a payroll giving scheme and encouraging staff to donate through their PAYE.

Giving direct from pay is tax free and helps the Sussex Wildlife Trust make concrete plans for the future. If employees pledge £10 from their gross salary each month, it will only cost £7.80, but the Sussex Wildlife Trust receives £10 thanks to the Inland Revenue. Any employee can join the Give As You Earn scheme if their salary or pension is taxed through PAYE and the employer offers a GAYE scheme.

4. By getting involved in the sponsorship of a special project

If you're interested in sponsoring something specific we'd be happy to discuss this with you. Please get in contact with our Corporate and Community Fundraising team using the form below.

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We'd love to hear from you - if you'd like to talk to us about business partnerships or if you have an idea for joint working with the Trust please contact Louise Collins on 01273 497522 or use the contact form below.

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