What to look out for in July

With kids on their summer holidays, it is a great time to get out and about to enjoy all wildlife has to offer. There’s no better place to head this August than the Sussex coast. With miles of diverse coastline you can experience everything from sand castle making to rock pooling. So go in search of goby fish, shrimps, crabs, sea anemones, snails and shellfish. Why not attend one of our Marine Week events or family friendly activities running in August.

Alternatively head out on the South Downs and keep your ears peeled for the sound of crickets and your eyes peeled for butterflies on the wing. Now that the breeding season is coming to an end, you will see flocks of birds gathering. Swallows, swifts and house martins will be tumbling across the sky feeding up before the long journey south, whilst roving gangs of juvenile starlings may congregate over farmland and woodland searching for food.

What to spot this month includes

  • Hummingbird hawkmoth
  • Lords and Ladies
  • Large white butterflies
  • Rose hips
  • Peacock butterflies
  • Cuttlefish bones
  • Lapwings
  • Ripened elder berries
  • Busy bees
  • Chirping grasshoppers and crickets

Tell us what you've seen

There are many more species to be spotted this month. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to fill in our species recording form, so we can submit your sightings to the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre.

Sussex Wildlife Trust nature reserve to visit this month

Stand almost anywhere in Lewes and Malling Down dominates the view to the east, its chalk hills towering up and overlooking the town. It really is worth the challenging climb to the top, if only for the view that takes in the town, the wet meadows surrounding the River Ouse, the South Downs stretching away, or the expanse of the Low Weald farmland.

In summer there are a thousand things to command the attention. Butterflies are out in abundance including blues, Silver-spotted Skipper, Small Copper and a range of browns. A stroll over the chalk grassland will reveal a carpet of dainty wildflowers from pink Wild Marjoram and Centaury to the red Salad Burnet with its strange cucumber scent.

Sussex Wildlife Trust Courses

Fancy spending a day searching for butterflies, or perhaps a rockpool ramble in Rye? Why not see what events and courses Sussex Wildlife Trust are running this August.

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