Campaign Responses

In May 2016 our Chief Executive wrote to the Chief Executives and Chairmen of ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’ and ‘Vote Leave’, to our 16 Sussex MPs and 10 South East England MEPs, inviting them to tell him how any benefits to Sussex wildlife from current EU policy and laws would be maintained after the Referendum. The questions he posed were:

To the ‘Leave’ campaign:

Following the UK’s withdrawal from membership of the EU, what mechanisms will be put in place to replace the environmental benefits conferred through EU membership?

To the ‘Remain’ campaign:

Under the UK’s new ‘special status’ within the EU following the Referendum, what are the guarantees that environmental benefits arising from EU membership will be maintained?

We sent out 30 letters and up to the 20th June we have received 9 replies as follows:

Below are copies of the letters we sent out to the two campaigns, MPs and MEPs: