Climate change

There is now a great scientific consensus that our climate is changing and human activity is the most likely cause.

Predictions are for warmer, drier summers, wet winters, more storms, intense rain and windstorms and continuing sea level rise. But this is a global picture; the effect on Sussex is less clear.

What will happen in our own county is highly unpredictable and will probably be extremely variable, potentially flipping our current climate into a new and unknown state.

Nevertheless, uncertainty about how climate change will unfold must not prevent us from taking action. It is imperative that we expand our landscape boundaries allowing nature the time and space to avert a disaster that could otherwise accelerate the decline of wildlife and damage habitats irretrievably.

Our Strategy

A strategy for conserving our environment and wildlife against the background of an unpredictable and changing climate must present the best course of action in an unpredictable world.

At Sussex Wildlife Trust we are working towards developing an adaptable environment. This 'living landscape’ and 'seascape' approach will ensure an environment that can respond to change.

While our strategy is aimed at improving the ability of wildlife in our environment to adapt, this alone is not enough. It is imperative that other strategies are delivered by governments and people around the world, working together to reduce the main cause of climate change – now identified as the continually growing emissions of greenhouse gases.

What is the effect of climate change in Sussex? Read our strategy and see how we plan to encourage conditions to allow our wildlife to adapt to a change of climate.

Take Action

The Sussex Wildlife Trust has identified four key areas to combat the effects of climate change:
  • Conserve our current wildlife and wild places
  • Create large areas for wildlife and establish ecological networks
  • Increase variety in our landscape
  • Reduce damage to nature from sources other than climate change